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The customer:

T-Systems International GmbH is Europe’s second largest system house for IT (Information Technology) and TK (Telecommunications). The group division of Deutsche Telekom offers companies and authorities in over 20 countries classic IT and TK services as well as integrated solutions from the convergence area of both markets. In this context, T-Systems is responsible for the system development and system operation of the customer retention programme "HappyDigits". It is also in charge of the technical integration of business partners into this system.

The project:

Client Vela lends its support to the T-Systems project team with regard to the conception and implementation of the technical integration of the subsidiaries of KarstadtQuelle AG into the HappyDigits programme. In addition, Client Vela offers T-Systems consultancy in the field of project planning, the system infrastructure as well as system testing. The software "Project Management Tool", developed by Client Vela, is used in connection with the system testing. This software is a browser-based application to manage and steer projects. In the T-Systems case, this is used as an "Information Management Tool" for the administration (documentation and status tracking) of test cases.

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