About us

Client Vela literally means “customer sail”, which symbolically captures the power of concentration on the customer and drives your business forward.
Our success and customer’s satisfaction are based on focusing our expertise and their know-how, to form a force, which gives us strength to “navigate” purposefully in one direction.
We, as consultants, see our role as pilots who lead the captain through difficult waters. As with pilots, we determine the company’s current position and together with the captain, define the goal and mutually set the course.
We will also willingly take over the rudder temporarily and implement concrete projects, check success or if you wish, carry out complete business processes. We use the most modern information technology in place of a sextant or compass. With our specially developed software solutions, we optimise processes, implement customer databases, steer multi-channel campaigns and introduce customer retention programmes.

Our motto:
“We cannot determine the weather, but we can set the course, the strategy and the methods”.

Our way of working:
Pragmatic, efficient and implementation-oriented

Our expertise:
For example, stems from the fact that hardly one of the better-known customer retention programmes has been implemented in Germany without one of our staff being involved.

Our customers:
Are extremely keen to win and retain valuable customers long-term and share a desire for lean processes and a clear cost structure.

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