Valamar Hotels & Resorts Ltd.


The customer:

Valamar Hotels & Resorts Ltd (formerly Riviera Hotels & Resorts) is one of the leading providers in the Croatian tourism industry with 25 holiday hotels, 8 apartment complexes and 8 camping sites (14,200 rooms/camp site pitches with a capacity of 39,000 beds, i.e. 10% of the Croatian market).

The project:

Development and utilisation of a decentralized marketing services platform for Valamar hotels, apartments and camping sites for implementation as a pilot project. The project was divided up into three parts:

  • Development of a central marketing database, including query functions, using the operative hotel data (XML format) and the data generated by campaigns
  • Expansion of functionality to create a campaign solution (Dialog World)
  • Implementation of Microsoft Reporting Services on the basis of online analytical processing (OLAP)

The three phases have been concluded and Valamar is now successfully using the platform to execute current and future print and e-mail marketing campaigns.

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