Deutsche Bahn AG


The customer:

Deutsche Bahn AG is the leading transport and logistics service provider in Germany. Approximately 250,000 persons are employed in their Passenger Travel, Transport & Logistics and their Infrastructure and Services divisions. Each year, Deutsche Bahn AG carries approximately 1,694 million passengers, generating annual revenues of almost € 30 billion.

The project:

Creating a technical concept for analytical CRM and database marketing. The concept encompasses the customer loyalty program BahnCard with over 3.2 million customers, the bonus program bahn.bonus and the status program bahn.comfort.

Objectives and results:

  • As-is analysis of current systems and data
  • Definition of a comprehensive information structure
  • Definition of standard and dynamic reports as well as a CRM key performance indicator system and concrete data mining analyses
  • Documentation of all the results in a technical concept while taking the Siebel-based technical infrastructure into consideration
  • Creation of a database for the easy maintenance of the contents by the customer
  • Basis for developing structured customer information and for optimising target-group specific initiatives

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