Our goal is to increase your company's profits. For this reason we help companies to maintain their customer relations over the long term and make them profitable, paying attention to company-specific objectives and challenges in the process. Because businesses and their customers – and customer relations – are all unique.

The most successful businesses in their field have put their trust in our ability to make ideas become reality: comprehensive customer-loyalty schemes involving customer cards, customers' clubs and bonus or advantage programmes or coherent packages of measures such as integrated dialogue-marketing or customer-service schemes, targeted management of customer loss or the use of personalised coupons.

Our successful management of customer loyalty allows us to build up and use a pool of knowledge about customers, so as to be able to take customer-specific requirements into account. Increasing customer satisfaction - by means of innovative added value in various forms, for example - and improving customer loyalty, thereby lengthening your relationships with customers, are what creates real value in the long term. That's why we make sure customers' behaviour can be controlled and the company and its customers interact efficiently. We feel it's important to be able to measure customers' behaviour, the focus of our work being on the success that has been achieved so far. The payoff for all this effort is ultimately greater efficiency and efficiently managed customer relations.

As for designing and implementing customer-loyalty measures, Client Vela has been able to identify a number of fundamental success factors over the years. Whether you require a full range of services or coaching in a specific field, our top priority at Client Vela is the development of sustainable strategies and measures that suit our clients and their customers. We believe that individuality is the key to success in customer management.

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