Migration- & Roll-Out Monitoring

The successful introduction of complex projects into daily business operations calls for a holistic approach that doesn't just include technical aspects. It also considers other aspects, such as adapting existing business processes to the new system environment (which includes checking their its operation), making a co-ordinated plan of any training necessary whilst bearing in mind the approach to migration chosen, and possibly also conducting controlled communication with your customers to create awareness of the benefits that have been achieved. We will gladly support or even take charge of the migration - i.e. transferring your valuable customer data from your legacy systems - based on our ample experience in handling this sensitive type of information.

We plan and supervise your complex roll-out projects considering the dependencies as regards time and content, and we synchronise the work to be carried out. When we launch a new system, we also analyse the process adaptations that need to be made, assess the consequences with respect to established working methods and ensure the changes go smoothly. This is achieved by considering the justified interests of future users and business units as well as by co-ordinating timely training sessions for specific target groups.

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