Service Management

We believe customer management is more than just a strategy. Because CRM can only be a success if the general conditions are suitble and your employees can make customer management come to life. We can set up customer-service centres for you or optimise your existing units.

We define customer service strategies and create outsourcing schemes for our clients. We deal with definitions of requirements, create plans for contacting customers, recommend suitable service levels and create a reporting structure. As setting up a customer service unit calls for conceptional skills, we develop functional requirements and support our clients when they prepare a tender and link up external suppliers. We can also optimise your existing customer ervice units for you. To do so, we focus on the processes, structure and reporting systems, and take temporary responsibility for managing the unit or your suppliers on your behalf.

Due to our specific knowledge of processes and reporting, plus our many years of practical experience in setting up, running and managing customer-service centres and suppliers, we can administer customer-service centres efficiently and effectively and create a recipient centric reporting system of relevance to decision making.

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