When an IT system is up and running, tasks regularly have to be done that cannot be automated or can only be automated in part. Our operations specialists will deal with such processes for you and make sure the usual Client Vela quality is achieved.

Besides monitoring automatic processes and checking their quality, we also carry out other activities, such as importing and exporting system data. We can create database scripts and reports for special queries for you just as we can fully optimise your database.

It's not only routine tasks we can handle, however; we're also able to continuously enhance your systems in the background after consulting with you. On account of our experience with large volumes of data and the different degrees of quality that data can have, we are able to draw on various techniques for the deduplication and cleansing of data, employing those that meet your requirements.

Our Central Services System not only covers address validation, but also gives us the opportunity to administer payment procedures and conduct credit enquiries. We consider operations to be more than just the activities that are necessary to operate your system; we constantly improve your data, thus reducing your costs, e.g. costs that are incurred by wrongly sent direct mail.

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