IT Services

In addition to process services, the field of process management also includes IT services. In cooperation with our partner, Swiss Post Solutions, Client Vela can manage the following aspects for you: data management, system monitoring, operations, operation of CRM systems and data warehousing. We employ these services in supporting the operation of your existing customer loyalty systems. As part of its IT support, Client Vela manages your existing customer data, carries out the technical implementation at the back end, such as address verification, and provides reporting for the evaluation of your data records. In other words, you can focus on your core competencies.

In our IT services, we always ensure that projects are designed in a highly individual manner; we don't offer any ready-made products. We believe in tailor-made packages consisting of the definition of requirements, project management, fulfilment, customer service and quality control. And we feel that purposeful communication and facilitation are important in holistic project management.

Our big asset is our consultants' broad experience and their ability to focus on practical issues.

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